In an exclusive video interview, Ace Frehley talks about his new album, 'Space Invader,' which came out this week. Specifically, he notes how the two songs that came together at the last minute turned out to be exactly the missing pieces the record needed.

Frehley's sixth album is being heralded as his best work since his 1978 self-titled record blew away all of the other Kiss solo albums that came out at the same time. But the Spaceman says that he was over budget and a month past his deadline when inspiration hit.

"'Space Invader' and 'Past the Milky Way' were just instrumentals until the last two weeks," he explains in the video. "It was either make it or break it for the record, and luckily those two songs came together rather quickly. I think they're two of the best songs on the record. Who knew?"

Frehley also talks about other influences, like outside music (hint: He tries not to listen to any when recording) and outer space (duh). "I'm talking about the Milky Way and I'm talking about spaceships, and I'm talking about all that silly stuff," he says. "That's all I want my records to be -- [something fans] can throw into their car and blast it while they're driving down the road. Just have fun with it."

You can watch the video above.

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