Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley truly has “no regrets,” to match the title of his recent autobiography, and he revealed in a new interview that he’s still in contact with former bandmate Gene Simmons.

Frehley tells Classic Rock magazine that he had lunch with Simmons recently and that the pair spent their time together reminiscing “about old times.” He sent Simmons a copy of ‘No Regrets,’ but hasn’t heard any feedback from the Demon.

Describing their relationship, Frehley says that “Gene’s heart is in the right place a lot of times and on a personal level, we get along fine, but he makes business decisions I don’t agree with and that’s when we run into problems."

Frehley continues, “Gene likes to hear himself talk, y’know? He talks about three people: me, myself and I.” The sober lifestyle works well for Frehley, but he admits that he misses some aspects of the old days. “I miss the insanity of it and some of the crazy situations, but I still have fun today, it’s just controlled mayhem."

The alcohol and drugs caused blackouts which made certain areas of the story in ‘No Regrets’ tough for the author recall. Frehley says that the biggest blanks came after his departure from Kiss in the early '80s, and that he had to rely on friends, family “and the people who were around at the time to jog my memory.”

The Space Ace recently recorded a guest spot on the forthcoming solo album from Poison’s Bret Michaels.