For all you pinball wizards about to rock, check this out! Stern Pinball, Inc. have announced the latest addition to their line with the official AC/DC pinball machine. Players will be able to rock the machine while listening to 12 different AC/DC classics, including 'Back In Black,' 'Highway To Hell' and "You Shook Me All Night Long.'

The game also features two separate ramps, a lower play field, eight drop targets, a mechanized 'Hell's Bell' and a ball shooting cannon, for those about know...rock! Other features include a 'TNT detonator' and the 'Devil's Jukebox.'  Animations of the band are also featured in the design.

Gary Stern, founder, CEO and chairman of Stern Pinball said, "The combination of classic rock and pinball can't go wrong. The music and play of the AC/DC machine delivers nothing less than the ultimate rock experience that both AC/DC fans and pinball players can appreciate." Hey, it worked well for Kiss and Elton John, both of whom had classic pinball machines back in the 1970's. Yeah, some of us are old enough to remember those?

The machine comes in three different versions: Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. These babies ain't cheap though, plan on forking out between $5700 and $8500. If that doesn't seem right for your budget, there's a much cheaper App version of AC/DC pinball that might be more suitable. Either that or, save your quarters and play it at the local bowling alley. Do they still have pinball machines in bowling alleys? Do they still take quarters? Or do have to swipe a debit card now? Man it's been a long time!