A rare copy of AC/DC's debut Australian single ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl,’ backed with ‘Rockin’ In The Parlour’ sold for big money on Jan. 9 during an eBay auction. 13 bidders and 27 bids is what it took to score this rare piece of vinyl, which was listed at just .99 AU cents for the start of its ten day auction.

The final selling price in USA currency? $1252.56!

Apparently, money talks and the buyer, understanding the rarity of this piece of vinyl, swooped in for the win. This 7” vinyl came out in 1974 on Albert Productions (through EMI Australia) and is one of the most sought out AC/DC singles ever. This track features Dave Evans on lead vocals, who of course was subsequently replaced by Bon Scott. ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ was later re-recorded with Scott on vocals for the ‘TNT’ album.

Sold in near-mint condition the 45 was said to “play superbly” by the seller and the labels were unmarked with the vinyl still packaged in its original EMI sleeve.