Scenes from the first (and still second best) 'Star Wars' movie have been paired with AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' in an exciting fan-made mini-movie.

It's not like Darth Vader needed the help of the Australian hard rockers to be scary -- he's big, he wears all black, and even his creepy machine-assisted breathing is intimidating. However, you can't deny that the efforts of this enterprising YouTuber have added something new to one of the most classic science fiction films of all time.

Nothing against John Williams' classic 'Star Wars' score, but we think the added distorted amplification agrees with Mr. Vader. It adds a whole new element to the Sith lord's menace, wouldn't you say? Also, if you haven't seen the whole movie before -- and let's be honest, in retrospect it does drag in a few places -- you can get caught up on the major plot points in just under five minutes flat.

We can only presume the creator is currently syncing up 'The Empire Strikes Back' with 'Back in Black.'

AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' Meets 'Star Wars'