"Our oath isn't empty gesture. It isn't sealed with a pinky swear. It's the heart and soul of Terminix Nation," reads the announcer as we hear oh-so familiar bells chiming in the background. Those bells, are of course 'Hells Bells,' the iconic opening track on AC/DC's landmark album, 'Back In Black.' Now, for some reason, it is being used to sell bug spray.

Terminix, with their "ultimate protection guaranteed" have applied the "won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives" mantra to their own battle cry of "Not here. Not now. Not in my house." And we thought Black Flag was the 'one shot bug killer.'

Though never a hit as a single, the song became a standard on classic rock radio over the years, its unmistakably evil guitar line as haunting as it is powerful. The song was the kick-off to the band's first album with Brian Johnson following the death of original singer Bon Scott. AC/DC are currently at a similar crossroads, working on a new album without founding guitarist Malcom Young, who has taken a break from music due to poor health. It has been reported, without confirmation, that he suffered a stroke.

Watch AC/DC Perform 'Hells Bells'