Barely a few minutes into their concert at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand last night, AC/DC were forced to temporarily abandon the stage. Apparently, the weather had caused some technical problems.

Stuff says that, after opening with "Rock or Bust," which you can see above, issues with the sound occurred during the second song, "Shoot to Thrill." When they finished, Brian Johnson told the crowd, "We want to fix this once and for all" before leaving the stage.

"There's high wind driving rain into the stadium so a bit of water has got into some of the electrical equipment," promoter Sandra Roberts told the New Zealand Herald, adding that backstage, the band wasn't too happy about having to stop playing.

Many in the audience of 30,000 booed and announced their frustration over social media, but they nonetheless waited out the delay. It took approximately 30 minutes for the issues to be fixed, after which AC/DC came back out and resumed their 20-song set with a performance of "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be."

AC/DC have only one show left on their calendar for 2015. On Tuesday (Dec. 15), they will play the Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, a concert which came under scrutiny when it was believed that alcohol was banned inside the venue. That show will wrap up a promotional cycle for Rock or Bust that started on a couple of bad notes.

First, founding guitarist Malcolm Young was forced into retirement due to health issues and was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young. Then, a month before the album's release, drummer Phil Rudd was charged with threatening the lives of two people and drugs possession, for which he eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight months of home detention.

It is believed that their concert at Chicago's Wrigley Field this past summer will be used for a live DVD documenting this tour.

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