AC/DC fans will recognize the band's early '90s hit single 'Moneytalks' as it bellows in the trailer for the upcoming baseball film 'Moneyball.' Remember 'Moneytalks?' It was a smash anthem for the band from their 1990 album 'The Razor's Edge,' and went on to become their highest charting US single ever. In addition, the video, which featured the band "making it rain" dollar bills for a rabid concert audience, was all over MTV back in the day.

Since few things speak louder than money when it comes to the four major sports, 'Moneytalks' is a perfect fit for the trailer of this Brad Pitt flick. The film tells the true story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, who employed a new method called sabremetrics when putting together his team with a limited budget.

What the hell are sabremetrics? Well, in layman's terms, it's a cost-effective method where Beane studied things like in-game play to assess undervalued players and maximize their skills. He thus enjoyed a high level of success despite having a low payroll. The term "game changer" gets tossed around quite a bit nowadays, but Beane was truly an orchestrator of change and a bucker of tradition when it came to America's pastime.

Pitt plays Beane, whose teams were competitive despite working for owners with a vice grip on the purse strings when it came to player salaries. With the help of a just-out-of-college novice, played by a pre-weight loss Jonah Hill, Beane assembles an island of misfit toys type team. We see Pitt (as Beane) questioning what he's doing, suffering through self-doubt and ultimately breaking all of the established rules about how to build a successful team. Looks like a pretty heartwarming story to us, just in time for playoff season.

Watch the 'Moneyball' Trailer Featuring AC/DC's 'Moneytalks'