A new cover of John Lennon's holiday standard, 'Happy Xmas (War is Over)' has hit the Internet, and it stars Aaron Freeman, best known as Gene Ween from cult alternative rockers Ween. The video was recorded at a punk rock store called God Save the Qweens in Freeman's hometown of New Hope, Penn.

After an introduction by "Punk Rock Meshell,' whose unkempt, pink hair makes her moniker somewhat redundant, the phone camera is swung around to the other side of the shop, where Freeman, along with friends identified only as Greg and Maggie, have acoustic guitars and bells in hand.

Freeman begins the familiar opening, but blows a chord change three bars in and has to start over. But the second take works like a charm, and they manage to deliver a surprisingly earnest version amid the racks of trendy clothes and hats, most of which are on Freeman's head.

Earlier this week, Freeman was in the news when he told Glide that he was in a Belgium hospital for a "transformative procedure," and that his new song, 'Genene' was "about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change." The quote led some sites to question whether or not Freeman was actually having gender reassignment surgery.