Van Halen's 'Eruption' and Pink Floyd's 'Interstellar Overdrive' were among the leading classic rock songs featured in a new playlist entitled 'The 30 Greatest Instrumental Songs Ever.'

Spin magazine revealed the list, which also features Rush's 'YYZ,' Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein,' Jeff Beck's 'Beck's Bolero' and current Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani's 1987 song 'Surfing with the Alien' amidst a see of metal, funk and indie rock instrumental tracks.

No rankings were assigned to the tracks, but we're going to assume that the bands mentioned above occupied the top six spots, for absolutely no good reason. Speaking of 'Interstellar Overdrive,' Spin declared that "the British art rockers' semi-improvisational track melted brains, including that of original leader Syd Barrett."

Meanwhile, they credited 'Eruption,' Eddie Van Halen's solo showcase from his band's 1978 debut album, with popularizing "the 'tapping' style used on virtually every metal album throughout the 1980s." To which we say once again, don't blame the inventor, blame the guys who use the thing wrong.

We certainly think they could have made room for any one of a bunch of Jimi Hendrix tunes, Led Zeppelin's 'Moby Dick' or the Allman Brothers Band's 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,' but considering they tried to pull songs from such a diverse range of musical styles we'll say they did a pretty kick-ass job.

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