Kiss, who as we all know never let an marketing opportunity pass them by, are reportedly close to a deal for a band-themed version of the popular Angry Birds videogame.

Group founder and merchandising maven Gene Simmons confirmed he's talking to the game's developers, and explained the importance of bringing his band's music and image to the video game format in a recent interview with Industry Gamers:

"People want that. You just have to figure where and how music is going to be used. Maybe just the cliche of a band up there and a guy with a guitar on the neck, whether you have to go through the Portals of Hell or not, maybe with music the videogames are going to have to be more like (Wizards of) 'Warcraft,' with more story and be more character-driven."

Of course, Kiss had their own pinball machine back in the '70s, a tabletop version of the same just hit the market recently, and they've also had their very own video game, so it's not like conquering new pixelated territory is uncommon to them. Which is fine, just as long as new music and tours keep coming, too.

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UPDATE: Simmons took to Twitter to put a little ice on this story: "Apologies to our Angry Birds friends. We spoke too soon. And should not have. We do not have a deal."